MOOTO Master Jung's Knowhow of Actual Gyeorugi

MOOTO Master Jung's Knowhow of Actual Gyeorugi

Coffret quatre DVD. Apprenez tous les secrets de Maître Jung ! Les comptétences basiques, les feintes, la stratégie et la véritable stratégie de compétition.

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"Master Jung's Know-how of Actual Gyeorugi"

■ Features
Bible of Taekwondo Gyeorugi
MOOTO has devoted whole one year to produce these DVDs!
4 disks, 480 min of running time, egales à 8 cassettes videos !
Master of Taekwondo Gyeorugi, Professor Jung's knowhow of actual gyeorugi!
He'll let you know his secrets of gyeorugi!
Techniques not using in actual gyeorugi are no more techniques!
4 straight winner in World Taekwondo Championship, Médaille d'orist in 88 Olympics,
Master Jung will tell you his experiences and knowhow of gyeorugi.
■ Languages
Audio: Coréen
Sous titres : Anglais , Espagnol
■ Carière
Médaille d'or in the 5th World Taekwondo Championships (Ecuador, 1982)
Médaille d'or in the 6th World Taekwondo Championships (Denmark, 1984)
Médaille d'or in the 7th World Taekwondo Championships (Korea, 1985)
Médaille d'or in the 8th World Taekwondo Championships (Spain, 1987)
Médaille d'or in the 6th Asian Taekwondo Championships (Philippines, 1984)
Médaille d'or in the 8th Asian Taekwondo Championships (Nepal, 1988)
Médaille d'or in Taekwondo games in 24th Olympic Games in Seoul
Professeur de Taekwondo  de  l'université nationale des sports en Corée
■ Contents
Vol. 1,2
Enseignement des coups de pied Basic Kick, Step, Mouvement de feinte .
How to use this techniques in actual gyeorugi Vol. 3
Strategy of leadoff attack and counterattack in open stance and closed stance Vol. 4
How to fight with the opponent like Hardi, Yosseff Karami, Kim Kyo Sik, Pascal and ets. Master Jung's detailed explanation and analysis on each player. Vol. 1 Basic Skills
*Basic kicking A
-Lifting up the leg
-Downward kick
-Front kick
-Round house kick
-Face Round house kick
-Side kick
-Back kick
-Whipping kick
-Tornado kick
-Forefoot round house kick by pulling the back foot

Vol. 2 Step et Mouvement de feinte
-Keeping-off Step
-Closing up-Step
-Link-Step based on Advance-Step
-Link-Step based on Back-Step
-Link-Step based on Keeping-off Step
-Link-Step based on Turnaround-Step
-Link-Step based on Closing up-Step
*Mouvement de feinte
-Mouvement de feinte  using upper part of the body
-Mouvement de feinte  using forefoot
-Step strengthen training
-Kicking training
-Lifting up the folded knee
-Knee folding kick
-Kicking strengthening

Vol. 3 Stratégie
*Attacking in the closed stance
*Counterattack in the closed stance
-Forefoot Round house kick by pulling the back foot forward
-Back foot Round house kick
-Back foot Downward kick
-Forefoot jumping Downward kick
-Forefoot Push-kick
-Back kick
-Tornado kick
-While changing stance from closed stance to open stance,
opponent attacks with Round house kick
*Attacking in the open stance
*Counterattacking in the open stance
-Back foot round house kick
-Back foot downward kick
-Back kick after performing one step Advance-Step
-Stuck with the opponent

Vol. 4 Real competition strategy
-Competition with a taller player
-Competition with a player who has a long movement
-Competition with a player who has strong forefoot
-Competition with a player who attacks with an excellent movement connection
-Competition with an offensive player
-Competition in the face of weaker physical strength
-Competition with a player who mostly uses counter kick

■ NTSC / 4 Dvd / 480 min